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February 17, 2013
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"Great..." you sighed as you entered the halls of your school. Walking upstairs, you slipped, dropping your books on the floor. Before anyone could notice you immediately got your books back, running to the comfort room. "F*ck!" you cursed under your breath, after fixing your hair and clothes you went to class.

"E-EHEM" Your moderator crossed her arms, asking "Where's your ID, Miss (last name)?", 'Aaaand she noticed' you thought. Right, it was Monday, and you'd usually rush in the morning during Mondays "I was in a hurry this morning, so i forgot...", no wonder you felt naked. "Well then go get your temporary ID" she commanded.

*At the YLC Office*
You preferred asking a temporary ID from the year level coordinator rather than the prefect, it was more... 'safe', since you've known the prefecture to be giving punishments more. And the year level coordinator was a lovely old woman, she was pretty sweet. "Are you done filling the record book, dear?" she asked, "Yes" i nodded. "This has been your fifth time, yes?", "Sixth...", "Oh..." she shook her head. "I'm sorry dearie, but if you have more than trice then you'll get detention" she gave you the temporary ID "Please tell your class secretary~". 'Come oooon' you whined mentally.

Running back to your classroom, you greeted the teacher politely and went to the class secretary "Detention for no ID", "That will be an hour" she replied. You clicked your tongue, this is seriously ticking you off. You then sat down on your seat, grabbed your stuff and listened to the lecture until "Psst!" your friend, (friend's name), called who was 2 chairs away from your left. You turned to her, raising your eyebrows "Hmm?".
She mouthed 'Detention?', and as much as you don't want to answer, you nodded. She can't help but laugh, "Oh the gods hate me" you said to yourself.

After dismissal, you reached for your locker and opened it, placing back the books you didn't need and took the ones you did. Before you could close the locker, (friend's name) came to and closed it for you, although it almost got your nose. "(Name)!" she grabbed your shoulders, turning you to the other direction where the Bad Touch Trio were walking. They came from the men's shower room and seemed to have just finished training, which also means... muscles. From jawline, to cheekbones, neck, shoulder blades, collar bones, back, triceps, biceps and abs. "They're here!" (friend's name) squealed. "Shhh! They'll hear you!" you covered her mouth, whispering "Control your hormones, remember yourself!". Your friend had her poker face on, taking your hand off her mouth "You're seriously bitter, stop denying" she then had her playful grin. "No, oh no no no.... (friend's name), stop" you held your hands out in defense, attentive as to what she'll do next.

But (friend's name) used your defense against you "Don't--!" holding your wrist to pull you to her, tickling you like there's no tomorrow "N-no..! Ahahahaha!" you kept laughing. And from avoiding (friend's name)'s attacks you accidentally slipped on a paper.

You found yourself in Gilbert's arms, with his hand on your head and the other on your lower back, and your face buried on his chest 'Sh*tsh*tsh*tsh*tsh*t this is not happening!' you backed away from him, eyes wide and blushing mad "I-I'm sorry..." you looked down, secretly glaring at (friend's name). "I'll just... yeah" She walks away slowly, giving you a wink, giggling like a maniac in the inside. He got suprised at first, blushing lightly, but after puzzling the situation he wore his usual mischievous smirk "Hallo, wunderschön dame~".

Gilbert slid his arms around your waist, pulling back your body to his. You cleared your throat "Excuse me... but I have my dignity" you tried to politely and gently push him off you. "Pft, are you saying no to ze awezum me?! Kesesesese!" he lightly held your chin, making you look up at him as he leaned closer to you "...You're funny, (name)". "And you're arroga--! You know my name?" you tilted your head, focusing your (e/c) eyes on his ruby ones. Of course, Gilbert thought that was absolutely cute. "V-vell..." he looked away blushing again "I'm that awesome! I know everyone!" Gilbert regained his composure.

You scoffed "Like I'm buying tha-- Ah!" you yelped as he groped your butt, and yes people heard that loud yelp, looking at you. Without thinking twice, you slapped him across his face 'This *sshole... We're in public!',  Antonio gasped while Francis shook his head slowly "Oh no you didn't, mon chérie". Gilbert placed his hand on his red cheek, turning to you, then whispering to Francis and Antonio something. "W-wha..." Antonio grabbed your arms from the back "H-hey!", "I'm sorry, bella...". Francis then opened your locker. You closed your eyes tight 'Wow, i'll be locked in my own locker. Can this get any worse?!' as they closed your locker, you sighed. "Okay, this is none of your businesses!" Francis and Tony shooed off the students.

You opened your eyes 'What? Where's--' you gasped as you looked up to see Gilbert 'Yep, worse'. "What are you doing here?!", "Sssh, I'm accompanying you~ Now don't be too noisy or ze teachers vill notice and I von't be the only one who'll be in trouble~" he placed his finger on your lips. He got to avoid your teeth as you tried to bite his finger. "Tsk tsk tsk, does (name) vant to eat me up?" he chuckled. You blushed hard again, you can really feel the heat on your cheeks and all the blood running to your head. "If you tick me off one more time, I swear you won't be playing football ever again" you glared at him.

"Feisty... I like that" he had a charming yet devilish grin.
Prussia x Reader
Locker Part 1

My first reader insert fic. I'm such a noob. Please bare with me~ :iconyaoyaoplz:
Part 2: [link]

Hidekazu Himaruya owns Tony :iconhappyspainplz: , Francis :iconhappyfranceplz: and Gilbert :iconhappyprussiaplz:
Gilbert owns You :iconihappyloveitplz:
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