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March 1, 2013
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You and your boyfriend, Antonio, have been together since High School when he first confessed. Most of it was expected since both of you were childhood friends and both of you were really sweet together.

Although High School was a bit hard because of all his fan girls flocking before him, it was certain that his eyes were none other than- but on yours.

It's been 2 years now, but you both promised that you won't get married to each other yet, but instead work some money for it. At the moment you were living in with him, he was more of a manwife- making you a femhusband.

Not trying to make it complicated, just that he's the one doing the cooking and cleaning, while you do the fixing and buying.

Today, you two were being childish; playing with each other namely from a board game- which you cheated on, but never admitted it.

As it turned into a teasing game, "You're being naughty, (Name)..." Tony set away the gaming board, touch your hip with his cold hand under your shirt and giving you a kiss on the jaw. "Who's being naughty?" of course, you won't back down easily; you leaned towards him, kissing his ear and nipping gently after.

You both were blushing light pink, then you glomped him unto the floor, tickling him like there's no tomorrow, "P-por favor! Basta..!" he kept laughing.

Tony then held your arms and you immediately slapped them away playfully, knowing that it was his turn to attack, you stood up and ran to the kitchen, followed by Antonio. Circling around the kitchen table for a few times, giggling and decided to run upstairs.

In the bedroom, he pinned you to the wall, grabbing both your wrists above your head. "Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, that's unfair!" you complained, panting heavily, "Oh, i wasn't the one who was cheating earlier, (Name)~" the Spaniard chuckled, watching you as you tried squirming away from his grip.

You halted when Tony nuzzled his nose with yours and kissing your face, except for your lips, feeling your cheeks burn up. "N-no..!" you hit his head with yours, making him let your wrists go; you ran to the bed, and hid under the sheets.

Antonio grinned when he heard you laugh lightly, also going under the sheets to pin you down again. "Damn it!" you laughed, looking in his forest green eyes as he looked back into your (color) ones, "I won't get tired falling over and over for you again, (Name)..." he nuzzles his nose with yours again and this time also letting your lips touch in the process "... Te quiero..." Tony kissed your lips, running his hands around your waist, pulling you closer to him; as you placed your arms around his neck, kissing back gently.

But then things got alot intimate, "Hah... Tony" with you gasping as he started kissing your ear, to your neck, on your chest and to your stomach. "Baby~~" he nuzzled your stomach, you giggled in response "Yeah?". "Babyyy~" he nuzzled it more, "What is it?" you tilted your head. "Babyyyy~" he laughed kissing your stomach and went back to nuzzling it. "What do you want to--" you paused, realizing that he wasn't using 'baby' as your nickname. He wanted a real baby. "A... a baby, Tony?" you blushed, "Si... Baby~~~" he gave you the cutest puppy dog eyes ever, "Baby, baby, baaabyyyy~~".

"I want a child whom will have your eyes and your smile, who's going to be another part of my life, and whom i'll keep in my heart forever like you..." he had his earnest smile.

"Fine, baby it is then~" you giggled and hugged him, Antonio immediately hugged back tightly.
CREDITS TO :iconcatacutetan10:. WATCH HER PLEASE~!
Have fun, guys~! And there'll still be the part 2 (Lemon) lol
and an extended ending
Hidekazu Himaruya owns Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain) :iconspainsparklesplz:
Baaabyyyy~~~ :iconlilspainplz:
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Oh my god this is so kawaii :3 a sequel would be amazing :)
Jinx3d-Emo Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Student Writer
I...I hope you don't mind...

I just now thought about it when I was looking through my gallery...

I made an epilogue of this on my page. Of course, giving you credit for this story...Sorry for not asking...but..if you want you can see it :)
Unwanted-immortals Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
OML p two
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